Embracing the Moonlight: Our Name, Our Mission

Born out of a profound respect for the artistry of whisky and a deep admiration for Japanese craftsmanship, TsukiGlass was established to bring a new level of sophistication to your whisky tasting experience. Our name - TsukiGlass - combines the Japanese word "Tsuki" (月), meaning "moon," with "Glass", a universal symbol of clarity and quality. Together, these elements encapsulate our mission: to provide premium, crystal-clear glasses that reflect the serene beauty of a moonlit night.

From Vision to Reality: The Birth of TsukiGlass

Our journey began with a vision to elevate the ordinary into the extraordinary. We believe that a truly exquisite whisky glass should do more than just hold your drink; it should add a dimension of sensory pleasure, enhancing the visual allure of the whisky, the nuanced aromas, and the overall enjoyment of each sip.

At TsukiGlass, we combine traditional Japanese artistry with modern aesthetics to create a unique range of whisky glasses. Our design philosophy is deeply rooted in the principles of minimalism, functionality, and harmony, which are characteristic of Japanese craftsmanship.

Gold Hoshi Japanese Crystal Whisky Glass - TsukiGlass

Every Sip is a Journey and Every Glass Tells a Story.

Our glasses are handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, shaped and polished by skilled artisans who carry forward centuries-old techniques. Each glass is a work of art, created with the utmost respect for the material and the process. The end result is a product of unparalleled quality, clarity, and elegance - a glass that not only holds whisky but also encapsulates a story.

In every TsukiGlass product, you'll find an echo of the tranquil Japanese landscapes, the shimmer of a calm sea under a moonlit sky, the whisper of cherry blossoms caught in a gentle breeze. Just as each whisky has its unique character, every TsukiGlass has its unique story - from the artisan's workshop to your hand.

Mount Fuji Japanese Crystal Whisky Glass - TsukiGlass

Your Journey with TsukiGlass: Discover, Savor, and Cherish

We invite you to explore our collection and discover the story each TsukiGlass tells. Experience the unparalleled pleasure of savoring your favorite whisky from a TsukiGlass - a symphony of tradition, artistry, and quality. Here's to memorable stories, shared experiences, and exquisite sips.

Welcome to the world of TsukiGlass. Immerse yourself in the elegance of the extraordinary.